One Sentence Story Contest : Turn Your Story Into LunaToon NFT

From 14th to 27th Jan, Terra Movie Club is holding a one sentence story contest for our 2nd season of ‘LunaToon’ with the theme of ‘Most Lunatics Moment’.

This contest is to enjoy, and share the moment that you felt most ‘Lunatics’ in your lives. You can find more the idea behind LunaToon in our previous Loop post here.

What do we want?

One sentence story that captures your ‘most lunatics moment’.

Submit your one sentence story on twitter @TerraMovieClub with #LunaToon.

You can add explanation for your story, but your submission must be within one tweet.

ex 1. ‘Pretended to be in a conference call for two hours to avoid explaining NFT to my father-in-law.’ @TerraMovieClub #LunaToon

ex 2.‘My mom finally learned what NFT is, and asked if I could sell her bird drawing as NFT.’@TerraMovieClub #LunaToon

What do you win?

TMC with the LunaToon artist will select 7 stories to be made into season 2 LunaToon. Each winning story will be made into a LunaToon NFT, and the story winner will take 20% of the sales profit from the LunaToon NFT based on their story. In addition, the 1st place story owner will receive 600 Loop and 2nd — 7th winners 400 Loop.


  • Submit 1 sentence story that captures your Lunatics moment on Twitter with @TerraMovieClub #LunaToon
  • 1st place story winner will receive 600 Loop + 20 % their LunaToon NFT Sales Profit
  • 2nd-7th place story winner will receive 400 Loop + 20 % their LunaToon NFT Sales Profit
  • Contest ends 27th January at 23:59 UTC. Winners announced afterwards

This is an event for Lunatics by Lunatics and about Lunatics. To create LunaToon based on your story, we will be working with LunaToon artist @oroorahj.

The 2% of the proceed from season 2 LunaToon sales will be donated to Angel Protocol.

So let’s share, enjoy and treasure the moments of being Lunatics together! 😊


Take inspiration from season 1 LunaToon

If you have any questions feel free to DM @TerraMovieClub.

#NFT #Terra #Luna 🌖 We believe blockchain users with an interest in movies/series/anime can make a strong community together.